BigBand Networks and Pioneer Digital Technologies Complete End-to-End Switched Broadcast Solution

Integration of BigBand BMR® and Pioneer Passport DCT™ Dramatically Expands Cable Operators’ Live Programming and Advanced Services

BigBand Networks, Inc., a leading provider of broadband multimedia platform solutions for broadcast television and on-demand services, and Pioneer Digital Technologies, Inc., a leader in interactive navigation software for digital cable TV set-top boxes, today announced the completion of development of an end-to-end switched broadcast offering. The solution brings together service management, switching and media processing of live video content on the BigBand BMR (Broadband Multimedia-Service Router) and client access through Pioneer's Passport DCT interactive navigation software platform.

The combined offering enables cable operators with systems based on the popular Passport DCT system to provide live programs in dynamic response to subscriber viewing, so that only those programs being watched consume bandwidth and resources. This significantly improves cable plant efficiency to support expansion of broadcast programming and advanced services such as VOD and HDTV.

“Pioneer has become a digital cable leader by providing solutions that maximize subscriber satisfaction and optimize operator economics,” said John Connelly, executive vice president of marketing and business development, BigBand Networks. “Pioneer's collaboration with BigBand Networks enhances capabilities of the many cable systems currently using Pioneer's Passport DCT to realize even greater improvements.”

In the new tightly integrated solution, Passport DCT has been modified at its core to manage dynamic broadcast video switching seamlessly. Passport DCT will notify the BigBand Switched Broadcast Manager in the cable headend when a switched program is requested. The server system identifies whether an existing transmission of the requested program in the subscriber's area can be joined. If not, it instructs the BigBand BMR to switch the program to an available frequency, and signals Passport DCT to tune to that frequency. When subscribers stop viewing the program, that frequency becomes available for other content.

BigBand Networks and Pioneer Complete End-to-End Switched Broadcast Solution
“BigBand Networks has been at the forefront in defining and realizing switched broadcast technologies,” said Neil Jones, senior vice president, Pioneer Digital Technologies, Inc. “Switched broadcast expands operators' capabilities to provide digital programming, HDTV, VOD and other offerings. Pioneer Digital Technologies is delighted to offer this powerful technology to our Passport DCT customers.”

Switched broadcast benefits include:

  • Virtually unlimited programming for subscribers with only requested content carried over the cable plant at any moment;
  • Expansion of offerings to new market segments including widespread live events and international fare;
  • Improved plant economics through greater resource utilization;
  • Liberated bandwidth available for growth of bandwidth-hungry advanced services such as VOD, HDTV and tiered high-speed data; and
  • Effective capacity expansion achieved at far lower capital costs than alternatives.

About BigBand Networks
BigBand Networks, Inc. designs, manufactures, sells and supports platforms for broadband multimedia services. These platforms are built on the company's NativeMedia™ technology uniquely capable of communicating and processing video, audio and data in their native formats. The field-upgradeable architecture combines advanced hardware and software technologies for high performance with agility to optimize for each service supported. This enables network operators to cost-effectively expand revenue-generating offerings of broadcast-quality content and advanced, interactive services. Services supported by BigBand Networks' platforms include digital broadcast television, HDTV, transport of high quality video, ad insertion, VOD and iTV. The company's customers include Comcast, Time Warner Cable, Cox Communications, Adelphia Communications, Bright House Networks, Mediacom Communications and Rogers Cable. BigBand Networks is based in Redwood City, CA. For more information on BigBand Networks, please visit

About Pioneer Digital Technologies, Inc.
Pioneer Digital Technologies, Inc. is a leading provider of interactive program guides (IPG) to the cable television industry. Millions of copies of its Passport navigation and application suite are deployed nationwide to cable MSOs on a variety of digital cable set-top platforms. With its steadfast dedication to technological development, Pioneer Digital continues to be an innovative supplier of IPGs and interactive applications. For more information visit