MOSFET45 Amplifier Chip Continues To Power Up Pioneer Source Units

MOSFET45 Amplifier Chip Continues To Power Up Pioneer Source Units

Pioneer's remarkable "MOSFET45" power chip continues to find a home in many of their car source-unit line. Proven in last year's products, Pioneer leverages on its success and will integrate the technology into even more headunits this year. Pioneer's MOSFET45 chip has been engineered to be used in headunit applications with four major advantages; 1) Increased output power without a DC-to-DC Converter; 2) Lower distortion; 3) Extended high frequency response and; 4) installation flexibility.

MOSFET, which stands for Metal Oxide Semiconductor Field Effect Transistor, is often found in large, high-end, outboard amplifiers translating to more power to the speakers and cleaner and better sound reproduction.

"MOSFET is not a new technology. Its uses are often found in high-end external amplifiers for fast switching capability," explains Todd Goodnight, brand manager, car electronics division. "What makes the MOSFET45 unique, is that this is the first time MOSFET technology has been offered in a headunit's built-in amplifier. It's that technology that gives MOSFET45 the great power and performance without compromising a thing."

Pioneer's proprietary MOSFET45 chip can deliver large amounts of power with higher stability-- unequaled in previous amplifier chips. It can deliver a maximum output of 45 watts with less distortion, resulting in crisper, cleaner sound. It also offers up to 20dB less noise than conventional output devices. With its higher stability, a MOSFET45 headunit can drive a pair of subwoofers through its rear channels and a pair of full range or component speakers up front, for a full system operation.

MOSFET45 provides extended frequency response above 20kHz because of its higher switching capability. Unlike conventional ICs, MOSFET45 delivers a wider frequency range to reproduce the music in full detail. " Reproducing music with a wide frequency range such as classical and jazz, used to suffer under conventional ICs, especially at high volumes," adds Goodnight. "It caused lots of distortion and clipping. Pioneer's new MOSFET45 works like an outboard amplifier with the ability to impressively drive a subwoofer."

The MOSFET45 chip will be offered in many of its single-CD, visual audio, cassette and MD players. Pioneer Electronics (USA) Inc., headquartered in Long Beach, Calif., is a leader in optical disc technology and a preeminent manufacturer of audio and video products for the home and car.