New Pioneer High Definition Video Products Developed for Dynamic Professional HD Applications

At InfoComm Company Debuts One of World’s First Industrial Blu-ray Disc® Players with BD-Live™

Pioneer Electronics (USA) Inc. is excited to showcase two new professional 1080p high definition video devices at the InfoComm 2009 Expo in Orlando, Florida on June 17th. The BDP-V6000 Professional Blu-ray Disc™ Player and HD-V9000 Professional HD Video System offer robust features that make them ideal for an array of applications and venues including digital signage, museums, video walls, houses of worship, public displays and broadcast. These new models demonstrate Pioneer’s continued commitment to developing and introducing innovative products that meet the growing demands professional A/V users require for high end playback performance.

InfoComm Expo attendees can get a hands-on demonstration of the robust flexibility and control capabilities of the new Pioneer high definition video products at Booth #5078.

“Pioneer is bringing our long experience with high performance, high reliability industrial video players into this emerging space. It’s what we’re known for, and we’re excited to continue this trend with our new professional products. Through our customer research we identified a strong and growing need for HD playback devices with greater control capabilities that would fulfill the evolution of HD within the industrial A/V realm,” said Sandra Benedetto, director of professional video sales and product planning for Pioneer Electronics (USA) Inc. “Pioneer is expanding our Pro Video line-up with professional HD products that include both optical disc and solid state platforms.”

Blu-ray Disc Optical Disc Expertise
For more than 30 years, Pioneer has maintained a leading position in optical disc technology, most recently represented by its highly respected Blu-ray Disc products. This reputation is reinforced in its new BDP-V6000, one of the world’s first professional Blu-ray Disc players. The BDP-V6000 supports high definition Blu-ray Disc as well as standard definition DVD media playback in both NTSC and PAL formats to provide flexible, reliable playback of domestic and international customer content in demanding applications. Additionally, the player offers a host of features that make it ideal for seamless operation including:

  • Serial RS-232C Support: Allows integrators to control the player through multiple external devices
  • Enhanced Search Options: Users can navigate through a disc’s title, chapter, and time code menus quickly and easily
  • Plays 30, 25, and 24 frames per second (fps): Allows playback of 30, 25, and 24fps HD movie playback on video displays that support this feature
  • Professional Graphic User Interface (GUI): Pioneer incorporates a newly designed GUI for improved player setup and internal playlist operation
  • BD-Live Capability: One GB of on-board memory allows new video content to be downloaded to the player without having to remaster a BD disc; USB 2.0 port supports external devices to further expand BD-Live storage capacity
  • Rack Mount Kit Included

Expanding High Definition Playback & Control
While Blu-ray Disc continues to deliver the best optical disc HD performance for professional A/V system integration, Pioneer expands its Pro Video line-up to provide the market with a powerful HD video file system product option, the HD-V9000.* Pioneer’s new HD-V9000 provides four advanced control options including, stand-alone operation, RS-232C control, IP addressable embedded web server and the HD-Pilot PC software program that offers integrators network access for remote content updates, playlist revisions, management of player settings and performance monitoring.

The new HD-V9000 is a solid state storage device utilizing SD/SDHC memory cards (SD Specification Ver. 2.00) to ensure improved reliability and flexibility for a variety of high end professional venues and applications. Since SD cards are removable, the new video file player has expandable storage capacity to maintain its advanced performance well into the future. Although product specifications have not yet been finalized, Pioneer anticipates that the HD-V9000 will provide professional users and system integrators with the following key features:

  • Superior HD Video: The HD-V9000 offers a maximum of 80 megabits per second (Mbps) of MPEG2 and up to 50 Mbps of H.264 video file playback for superior resolution and high quality video
  • Advanced Control Solutions: The system is IP addressable and can be accessed through Pioneer’s HD Pilot PC software or its embedded web server; allowing content updates and advanced system management
  • Standard Control Solutions: Pioneer’s standard RS-232C command protocol and simple switching matrix found on its other Pro DVD players is also supported
  • Text Crawl & Image Overlay: User specified messages, RSS text feeds and BMP graphics (such as logos) can be displayed over video content - ideal for digital signage applications
  • Powerful Internal GUI: The internal player interface makes initial setup straightforward and allows basic control in stand-alone settings
  • SD Card: The player supports SD/SDHC memory cards (SD Specification Ver. 2.00) at various storage capacities and transfer rates

The Pioneer BDP-V6000 Professional Blu-ray Disc player is expected to begin shipping in September 2009 while the Pioneer HD-V9000 HD Professional HD Video player is expected to be available in the 1st quarter of 2010. Pricing for both units is to be announced.


Pioneer has been an innovator of optical disc technology since it shipped its first LaserDisc products, the precursor to DVD, to the consumer market in 1980. Pioneer went on to introduce the first DVD writer for video authoring use in 1997, the first DVD recorder as a VCR replacement in 1999, the first DVD/CD writer for home computer users in 2001 and the first Blu-ray Disc writer in 2006. Pioneer Corporation is one of the original Blu-ray Disc Founders. More details can be located at

*Features listed herein are subject to change prior to product introduction.

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